Taste Switzerland in our restaurants!

Chef David Krüger and team have adopted a “back to the roots” approach. They mainly use local products and add a modern touch to traditional Swiss cuisine. In each of our restaurants, you will enjoy fresh and perfectly crafted dishes. Whether you are enjoying Swiss Angus from the 800 degree oven at tonWERK, delicacies from the front kitchen of speiseKAMMER, or Paleo-inspired creations in feinWERK, in which ingredients, such asgrains, dairy, and refined sugars are avoided. Let us surprise you!


In the feinWERK gourmet restaurant, we offer nature in its purest form: fish and meat as well as vegetables and herbs. Ideal for guests with food intolerances.


In tonWERK, freshly-caught lobster is served. In the 800 degree oven, steaks are prepared from Swiss Angus – a special treat for our guests.

Thessoni (2)

In the front kitchen of the speiseKAMMER, regional dishes are prepared right in front of our guests. Here you can dine on long, high wooden tales.

feuerLOUNGE5-1 - Kopie

Enjoy a glass of red wine, watch the fire, and enjoy the moment. Dining in the feuerLOUNGE is just as perfect as a dinner in a private setting. Unforgettable!


“The name says it all”: In the meisterWERK, guests will find the ideal space for private dinners and celebrations – either with family or business partners.

Buena Vista Lounge1

The casual Caribbean atmosphere of the Buena Vista Lounge has all the seductions of a cool bar: finest cocktails, steak and lobster, and a cigar afterwards!